Sushiro’s Mission

Tasty Sushi for All. Tasty Sushi for the Heart.

Sushiro delivers the happiness of quality sushi to all people in the world.
We always fill our guests’ hearts with delicious sushi, without making them concerned about their wallets.
The tastiness of our sushi must surprise them into asking, “Is this really the price for this quality!?”

This mission has remained at our core, from our start as a single sushi bar to the present as Japan’s leading sushi-go-round restaurant.

Careful selection of fish, strict attention to freshness, sophisticated on-site preparation.
Every action is taken to provide fresh and tasty sushi.

Hospitality and cleaning alike are handled with utmost consideration and Japanese aesthetics reflected in the detail of our interiors.

We want each of our restaurants to be the most loved locally.
We want to satisfy everybody’s appetites and hearts.

Tasty Sushi for All.
Tasty Sushi for the Heart.

This is Sushiro.

Sushiro’s Goals

To achieve our mission, employee enthusiasm and company profitability are as vital as customer satisfaction. Our stakeholders’ happiness interacts and unites into personal happiness for all.To reach this synergy, Sushiro makes five promises.

Sushiro’s Promises