Sushiro’s Mission

Tasty Sushi for All. Tasty Sushi for the Heart.

Our mission is for each and every customer to savor the tastiest sushi.
Astounding our customers with “great taste at great prices.”

This was the core concept when Sushiro launched a single stand-up kaiten sushi store
years ago. It continues to be our defining aim today.

Careful selection of fish. Fastidious freshness management for all ingredients.
Sparing no time or effort for in-store preparation.
Doing everything possible to serve fresh and tasty sushi.

Ultimate attention and detail to every customer, and to cleanliness.
Service from the heart, reaching to every corner of each store.

Filling the stomachs and hearts of our precious customers, with great flavor
and fulfillment of sushi.
Excelling as store making people happy to have dined at Sushiro.

This, in essence, is our mission at Sushiro.
Tasty sushi for all. Tasty sushi for the heart.

Sushiro’s Goals

To achieve Sushiro’s mission of customer satisfaction
through sushi, we must sustain enthusiasm among
our fellow employees, while contributing to
company profit.
Fulfilling our five promises instills happiness in
customers, employees and the Company. These
triumphs collectively, support our own personal
happiness as well.

Sushiro’s Promises