Greetings from the President

We'll continue our challenge to bring 'Tasty Sushi for All.  Tasty Sushi for the Heart.'

In 1984, a sushi chef of Taisushi, a sushi restaurant located in Abeno, Osaka, out of his desire to serve tasty sushi to as many customers as possible at affordable prices, started a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt system, which became the foundation of current Sushiro.

The predecessor of our store, Taisushi, was very popular for the freshness and delicious taste of its fish and shellfish, and was even called “Taisushi the Tasty.”

Given the origin of our store, we have been running the business true to the original motto of “Tasty sushi for all. Tasty sushi for the heart,” which has been handed down since we were established, and it is our mission to put it into practice.

Thanks to our reputation among customers, we achieved the highest sales in 2011 of all businesses in the domestic sushi industry. We, however, do not want to accept the status quo.

We are constantly trying to make as many customers as possible experience a pleasant surprise when they eat our tasty sushi, and to help them spend a warm and happy time at our stores during their busy lives.

It is my belief that sushi, which is part of our traditional dietary culture, is a valuable asset to Japan that has been nurtured by the Japanese people for centuries, and whose value has also been validated around the world. In 2013, the Japanese food was registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and I firmly believe sushi will continue to be loved more than ever by people all over the world. Consequently, I am determined to build our company into a significant business than can play an important part in promoting sushi worldwide.

There are many areas, both inside and outside Japan, that are still out of reach of our sushi. Going forward we continue our challenge to open new-style restaurants, in addition to the original-model store, and even move into domestic urban markets and the new markets overseas. We do our very best to deliver good sushi to our customer with a wide range of additional services so that our customer can experience “Tasty sushi for all. Tasty sushi for the heart.”

We look forward to your continued support for our future growth.

Koichi Mizutome
President & CEO