1975 July
Yoshio Shimizu, the founder, starts ‘Taisushi’ in Abeno Ward, Osaka City
1984 June
Opens the first store in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
1984 October
Yoshio Shimizu establishes Sushitaro Co., Ltd.
1988 September
Yutaka Shimizu establishes Sushitaro Co., Ltd., and
opens the first store in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
1996 September
Opens a 100-yen sushi store n Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture
1999 August
Sushitaro Co., Ltd. (Toyonaka City) and Sushitaro Co., Ltd. (Suita City) merge
2003 September
Lists shares on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2004 February
Discontinues the use of central kitchen, and starts in-store food preparation
2006 April
Keiji Yaso becomes the President & CEO
The founder resigns
2007 August
Establishes a capital and business alliance with Unison Capital Inc.
2009 April
Delists from Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2009 June
New management team is installed
Kenichi Toyosaki becomes the 3rd President & CEO
2010 March
Becomes the No. 1 under Food & Dining Category of Japan Customer Satisfaction Index
2011 March
Achieves the highest sales in the domestic kaiten sushi industry
2011 December
Expands its business to Korea
2012 September
Forms a strategic business alliance with a UK-based private equity fund – Permira Advisors Ltd.
2015 January
Opens a new-style restaurant, Tumamigui, in Nakameguro
2015 February
Koichi Mizutome becomes the President & CEO
2015 March
Establishes Sushiro Global Holdings Ltd.
2015 June
Opens the 400th Sushiro store in Japan
2015 October
Establishes Sushiro Creative Dining Ltd.
2015 November
Opens a new-style restaurant, Nanamino Sachi, in Nakameguro
2016 December
Opens the 450th Sushiro store in Japan
2017 March
Lists shares on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2017 August
Opens a new-style restaurant, SUGIDAMA, in Nishinomiya
2017 September
Opens a Sushiro store in our 47th prefecture in Japan
2017 September
Signs a Capital and Business Alliance Agreement with SHINMEI Co., LTD and
2018 June
Expands its business to Taiwan
2018 July
Opens the 500th Sushiro store in Japan
2019 August
Expands its business to Hong Kong and Singapore
2020 August
Opens a Sharetea Japan shop in Shinjuku